The substrate allows the plants to root and grow. They love warmer temperatures and moist but not soaked soil. Terra Aranea  provides excellent organic nutrition for your vivarium by creating necessary air pockets for root development and plant health. Not only does the Terra Firma not need a drainage layer, its design allows for proper water retention while holding all burrows and tunnels your critter creates! Pet pictures #wooden #vivarium picket vivarium arid bioactive vivarium cor. Proper shedding, respiration and hydration. Wooden stands; Gallery. This is where your excess water will flow. Almost all of them like decomposing leaf litter and also wood. A reptile vivarium is an enclosure or container that is used to create semi natural conditions that are normally found in your reptiles natural environment. Hello vivarium owners, welcome back to Aquascape Paludarium website, today we’re gonna be Making A Bioactive Vivarium For A Baby Crested Gecko, a simple 10-gallon tank right here, is what we’re gonna be using to make this vivarium in this these are the supplies, we have you know pothos snake plant and then the Neanthe Bella Palm or Canadian Bella palm, some wood, vine jungle, mix over … Please take it out of the bag as soon as you receive it and spray with water and allow the moss the breathe. This one and done deal will maintain the entire life of the animal, as long as it is maintained appropriately. Generally they are hot and dry, hot a humid or semi aquatic. Snake Vivarium. “Hardscape” simply refers to the abiotic (non-living) structures present in the bioactive habitat, such as rock, wood and the background. Whilst the tail is not used it remains underneath the body. It is also important that the once water building up in the drainage layer does never reach the mesh in-between and touches the substrate directly as this would lead to soggy soil. Decaying wood and leaves are a natural part of their diet, so you can just leave any fallen leaves from plants where they fall. The point of the drainage layer is to catch any and all excess draining water out of the substrate to prevent over saturation. For our purposes, it is in a closed system. There are also other types of isopods such as the Porcellio Hofmanseggi that can grow to a size of a few centimeters even. Not only do many reptiles prefer to have live plants in the terrarium, but  it also provides many different types of benefits for them. As the name suggests, they can jump. Let’s look at the most commonly used type of isopod: One of the most commonly used species and also the first one introduced to the terrarium hobby are the Dwarf White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa). These mites thrive in moist, nutrient rich conditions so it is very challenging for these mites to get overpopulate the vivarium. If you do, well then you need to think about the size of your isopods as well as the price. Live plants clean the air, retain humidity and provide cover for any inhabitants. When it comes to isopods, their abilities are similar, but most types of isopods will be fairly larger than springtails. In addition, as you will spray your plants daily or multiple times a day, root rot might become an issue. Since then, it has been very hard for hobbyists to replicate the same results themselves for different biomes, such as temperate forests, deciduous forests, plains, desert and even different types of neo-tropical habitats. In addition, you can buy all kind of isopod foods that have been specifically developed for isopods. Isopods are also an excellent source of bioavailable food for small amphibians and reptiles. As long as the water line does not exceed the drainage layer into the substrate, the proper soil will maintain, cycle and flourish for the life of the animal. Our Complete Vivarium Kits include everything necessary to turn any common enclosure into a beautiful and long lasting bioactive terrarium. Survival of the fittest at it’s best. For example, in a Bearded Dragon bioactive vivarium, the keeper can introduce superworms. £180.00. The substrate needs to support a clean-up crew to remove waste and add nutrients back into the soil so your plants can grow. Millipedes have a very unique defensive niche, which is when intimidated they roll into a tight ball and release a toxic substance, which if ingested tastes awful. In a bioactive vivarium, the millipedes will also breakdown organic matter, helping with your nutrient absorption in your soil and plants. As the terrarium progesses with age, and the leaves start to breakdown. They like morning wood, fruits and vegetables and also meat. 11 watching. With wood, you'll have a far more stable environment within, than if you choose glass for example. Clearly these setups get more and more popular. The ratio most commonly used is: 2 parts tree fern fiber, 1 part peat moss, 2 parts cocofiber, 1 part charcoal, and 2 parts orchid bark. Layer 1 - Terra Aranea substrateThe bottom layer of your terrarium sits the bringer of life, the specialty terrarium soil known as Terra Aranea. The main reason is that eventually once isopod type will outcompete the other and will make them disappear. Worms in general help aerate the soil, which helps with root development in your plants as well as aeration in your soil all together. Now these mites are 100% harmless to your pets, but if the population gets out of hand you may notice them crawling on your inhabitant, which then could be a problem. If you do notice the population growing, limit how long you keep your insect gutloader, fruit fly cultures etc in the tank. From the Dude's handpicked wood accent packs to the unique Mopani wood these different accents will give your reptiles and amphibians places to hide, climb, and blend in to their environment, making them feel more at home. £83.52 £ 83. This makes them the perfect home for a wide range of desert reptiles and snakes. Many keepers are making the switch towards it due to the natural and enriching aspects of it, though it has been around since reptiles and amphibians have been kept. In fact, all our plants in the vivariums are thriving. Article Categories: Amphibians. Sort by: Quick View. How do I go bioactive with a Terra Sahara setup? Inevitably, spot cleaning will still need performed with the setup, but as long as the substrate never completely dries out the substrate will last the life of the animal. From the Dude's handpicked wood accent packs to the unique Mopani wood these different accents will give your reptiles and amphibians places to hide, climb, and blend in to their environment, making them feel more at home. 0 . This requires a basic understanding of ecology of the species you would like to keep on it. or Best Offer. Layer 6 (above the microfauna) Leaf litter is an absolute must when having a bioactive setup. What is a bioactive terrarium? Centipedes on the other hand, should be removed instantly. Some mould is ok as long as your CUC is able to chew it down. Reach out to us and we can help you at or 717-305-0684. These mites should be taken very seriously, your animal quarantined and your tank treated appropriately with PROVENT A MITE. Well look no further as our bioactive vivarium kits contain everything you need to take a standard glass terrarium and turn it into a miniature living ecosystem. Bioactive Live Vivarium Supplies The most complete live vivarium environment inventory in the USA! Refurbished 2 tier vivarium custom hydro dipped with lights lizard snake . You can buy them either on the internet or you will acquire them by accident by just keeping your soil wet. Vivarium, Terrarium, Bioactive – What is the difference? Simply dump a culture springtails and a culture of isopods into the tank and they will quickly form a sustainable population in the terrarium. I made a list of what I think are the easiest reptiles to take care of. If you want to forgo this process you can also use wine, but who wants to waste wine?. They have not yet been given a proper Latin name. This mix should have at least a  3” layer in the terrarium. Springtails and Isopods will also outcompete them and eventually dwindle their population to almost non-existent in your vivarium. From the larva stage their evolution happens quickly as they are vulnerable. Remember, whatever you put into your terrarium  will stay in your terrarium as it is a closed ecosystem. Sep 23, 2019 - Explore Charlotte Michael's board "Bioactive vivariums" on Pinterest. Quality Custom Made Vivariums. All these things need to be right to keep your plants happy. Some near the front, high up on the hot side and some near the front lower down on the cool side. These structures provide safe, secure surfaces for a crested gecko to climb and perch on, as well as work synergistically with live plants to create a convincing facade of the gecko’s natural environment. It is also recommended to utilize premium AAA Spag Moss. Drain Fly –  These not so common winged insects are another type of fly that can find their way into your vivarium. The medium grade is best for most vivarium uses. andcrafted bioactive substrate for reptiles such as bearded dragons, uromastyx, leopard geckos, and other desert dwelling reptiles. Gallon size is very important when it comes to choosing the proper size enclosure for your reptile and amphibian. These setups are wooden, with glass sliding front doors. Many small amphibians such as dart frogs relish the springtails and isopods as an additional food source. From biological decomposition of organic matter, to the different cycles that incur naturally in nature; our unique planet has many different tools for maintaining an equal balance between Earth, air, fire and water. A traditional vivarium has wooden sides with a sliding glass frontage. See more ideas about Vivarium, Bioactive vivarium, Snake terrarium. These kits include an upgraded plant light (the Dude’s Glow and Grow instead of the Solar Grow), more plants, wood and carry a higher price point (but bigger discount) than the Dude’s basic species specific bioactive kits. Not only does the Terra Firma not need a drainage layer, its design allows for proper water retention while holding all burrows and tunnels your critter creates! Why go bioactive? Simply cut the misting down and allow the tank to almost dry out – without the necessary moisture content in the substrate the bugs will perish and their life cycle in the tank will be broken. Bioactive vivaria are typically (but not always) natural-looking habitats, with plenty of plants and habitat-appropriate substrates. While they are commonly bred in captivity they are still wild animals that need to be treated as such. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. These air pockets are also necessary for the springtails and isopods to create a sustainable population in the vivarium. All the water that flows through the substrate needs to be able to be caught in this layer. Layer 3 (above the microfauna) Leaf litter is an absolute must when having a bioactive setup. The more expensive isopods might not be a good investment in that case. A vivarium is an enclosed, live ecosystem, containing flora and fauna that are typically tropical in nature. Terra Firma provides excellent organic nutrition for your vivarium by creating necessary air pockets for root development and plant health. Not only are these organisms cleaning up an enclosure, but hobbyists are also using them as an additional food and protein source for their vivarium inhabitants such as reptiles or amphibians. Large Wooden Reptile Vivarium 50 x 120 x 50 cm Indoor Terrarium Side Ventilation Snakes & Lizzards 20 x 47 x 20 Inch. Not only does it hold a burrow, it also holds a complete tunnel when the moisture content is held at 25%-40%. In the past, this approach to husbandry has also been referred to as keeping a naturalistic terrarium or vivarium. Whilst some regard it as a pest that needs to be fought, springtails can be beneficial to your enclosures and plants. Hear the BioDude speak. This will help retain moisture, and eventually breakdown putting essential nutrients back into the soil. In this article the Dude will discuss the different types of fauna, how to handle it, if they are a problem or a benefit in your vivarium. We’ll help guide you through the steps to customize & design every aspect of your own living ecosystem. If you prefer to utilize your own, handmade mixes, it is very important to understand how well the soil drains, aerates and if you are going to need a drainage layer. A vivarium is the natural habitat of the snake. Bio-activity with your pets - How does it work with mine? A height of several inches or centimeters is sufficient to collect the water. You also can construct your own hides using rocks, wood, or clay. You want to make the vivarium as close as possible to the natural environment of the snake. Springtails are another tank janitor, but besides breaking down decaying matter they also flow through the soil. 0. child bear BMD by Joss Stone. This substrate is specifically designed for biomes that can get quite hot, but have minor humidity spikes throughout the day. They can bite and hurt your inhabitant as well as eat your essential microfauna hurting your clean up crew populations. £2.75. Rock. This model is highly recommended. Most of the time, ants are 100% harmless and usually come from the leaf litter. They will often be too big and also their exoskeletons will prevent them from being eaten. Items | £0.00 Basket. Exo Terra, Zoo Med and Why would you need a Bioactive Vivarium? Layer 2 (above the substrate) The true meaning of bioactive comes from these small organisms that are seeded into your terrarium after the previous steps have been fulfilled. Bioactive is simply the latest trendy term for setting up an enclosure in a way that resembles the native habitat of its inhabitants and relies on live plants, invertebrates and fungi to help control waste. Leaves also help boost springtail and isopod levels in the terrarium. This substrate when used exactly as directed in the Dude's guide this substrate can last 10+ years in the terrarium without ever being changed. In this article, I will discuss how these different processes and cycles must be replicated, as closely as possible in a captive environment when keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets. Commonly used material is either egg-crate or very thin garden netting or mesh. They are hexapods that belong to a class called Entoghnata and prefer moist conditions. Is it harmful? Biodegradeables, such as the Dude’s Cork Bark Pieces (included with all Terra Aranea Kits) are great when mixed in deep into the substrate. All the isopods I ever saw as a kid were grey and bland. Bioactive enclosures in laboratory "rack" style caging are uncommon. When this mix is added it should be dumped into a bucket full of water, and squeezed so it is saturated, but not dripping. This is where your options become available to you. Millipedes and Centipedes - These unqiue critters typically come as hitch hikers from your plants, soil, or leaf litter. October 9, 2020 October 19, 2020 Harmony. We have hundreds of models in stock from leading brand VivExotic which are ide... 0161 351 4700. Eliminating the life cycle is key (much like fleas), and if you only get rid of the adults, the problem will re-appear when the next generation of eggs hatch. Glass setups are notoriously hard to keep a good temperature gradient in. We have tested it extensively and have also put isopods and springtails into enclosures where we keep our most precious and rare plants that need a lot of humidity. Another means, which it the method that the Bio Dude uses in his bioactive kits is the utilization of numerous types of fungi, mycorrhizae and archaea bacteria. Uncategorized Easiest Reptile’s to Take Care Of? The Bio Dude is very pleased to offer different substrates for different biomes. -The Dude Abides, How many gallons is my terrarium? These biodegradeables breakdown over time to create organic nutrients for your soil and plants so the biome is constantly revitalized via natural, organic processes. The Dude will never spam you. Having a proper bioactive setup allows for optimum plant growth, but also allows for tank longevity (10+ years without a soil change) if kept properly. Bioactive Vivariums are a great way to prevent mould to build and to ensure your plants are not rotting under such circumstances. Collection in person. Isopods eat a lot of different kind of foods. Photo: budak Isopods. In our cereal, the air we breathe, wood surfaces, almost everywhere. Cover the substrate layer with a thin layer of moss that has a depth of about ½”. Overall, bioactive is the best way to keep your reptiles as pets. If stacking items, secure them with aquarium silicone; drilled holes with screws or zip ties are needed for heavier pieces. When thinking about acquiring isopods as a clean-up-crew, there are few questions you need to pose yourself before you enter your credit card details on websites such as If your main reason for keeping isopods is that you want them to clean your enclosure, you can choose one of the isopod types that are great at this task. You can readily find assorted biodegradeables at the Bio Dude or you can collect them yourself, as long as you know it is from a clean, pesticide, herbicide free area. Commonly kept in un-furnished, human décor terrariums, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates are wild animals, that have wild instincts, adaptations that must be nurtured and reinforced for the captive animal to have a natural, healthy well-balanced life.

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