• Kit of 2 pairs of infrared tower (emitter / receiver) of 8 beams for outdoor
  • Works on solar energy
  • Wireless
  • Internal antenna range in open space 500m
  • Maximum sender / receiver detection 50 m (exterior)
  • Single direction detection
  • LED light of 1W to illuminate and camouflage as garden lights
  • Necessary a transceiver for installation IB-SH-REC-2, IB-SH-REC-4 or IB-SH-REC-8

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Detection range 50m outdoor
Number of beams 8
Work frequency 433MHz FSK+FHSS
Wireless range Up to 1000m
Maximum detections per day ≤200 times
Address Single (between sender and receiver)
Operating temperature -30ºC ~ +70ºC
Degree of protection IP65
Internal battery 3.3V / 6000mAh LiFePO4
Solar panel output 2W
LED light power consumption <1W
Dimensions 140 (h) x 15 (Ø) cm
  • Model nummer: MARCA BLANCA
  • Tilgængelighed: På lager

Tags: 2XIBS-SH-50-8T