• Standalone access reader
  • Access via RF EM card and/or passcode
  • Metallic keypad and casing
  • LED Indicator
  • Wiegand 26
  • Integrated controller (Push button, bell and relay)
  • Timed control of opening, closing and alarm
  • Can power readers and electric strikes
  • Suitable for exterior IP65

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Capacity Up to 2.000 PIN and/or RFID cards
Identification modes Card (C), Pin (P)
Proximity card EM RFID (125KHz)
Reading distance 2 ~ 4 cm
Outputs Output relay NO / NC and alarm, Wiegand 26
Inputs Push-button
Opening time Adjustable 0 ~ 99 sec.
Alarm time Adjustable 0 ~ 3 min.
Power supply DC 12V 60mA max.
Consumption in idle mode ≤30mA
Protection Weatherproof IP65
Temp. operation -45º C ~ +60º C
Dimensions 26 (D) x 81 (W) x 118 (H) mm
Weight 325 g
  • Model nummer: MARCA BLANCA
  • Tilgængelighed: På lager

Tags: AC108