• Anviz
  • Standalone biometric access control
  • Identification by iris recognition and/or RFID card
  • Capacity or up to 150 users & 50.000 registers
  • TCP/IP, Wifi, RS485 & Wiegand 26 communications
  • Includes independent controler SC011
  • Iris recognition even with glasses
  • For use in situations of maximum security or where is is impractical to use the hands
  • Ultramatch complete ANVIZ management software included

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Brand TI Stellaris® 32-Bit high speed
Algorithm BioNano V10
Activation sensor Infrared auto-activation
Identification time < 1 Sec.
Capacity Up to 150 users
Records Up to 50.000 Logs
Identification modes Iris, Card
Proximity card EM RFID
PC communication TCP/IP, WIFI, RS485
Outputs Wiegand Anviz, Wiegand 26
Power supply DC 12 V / 2000 mA
Dimensions 75 (D) x 140 (W) x 180 (H) mm
Weight 520 g
  • Mærke: ANVIZ
  • Model nummer: ANVIZ
  • Tilgængelighed: På lager

Tags: IRIS-S1000