ANVIZ Biometric Time and Attendance Terminal.

A-Series stand-alone terminal with keypad and graphical LCD display. Multi-language. Identification by fingerprint, RFID EM (125KHz), proximity cards, user ID and keycode or the following combinations: Fingerprint, Card, User+Fingerprint, Password+Card and Fingerprint+Card. Storage for up to 2000 fingerprints and up to 50000 registers. Each user can record 2 fingerprints and 1 keycodes.

Robust, fully sealed, latest generation optical fingerprint sensor. Equiped with the potent Texas Instruments Stellaris® 32-Bit processor and incorporating the BioNano algorithm which permits fast and reliable dry, wet and cracked fingerprint reading along with progressive, intelligent, learning with each new reading. Fast fingerprint scanner (less than 0,5 seconds).

USB host port. USB Flash front input (transfer of data-Backup). Comunicación con PC a través de TCP/IP,  puerto Mini USB Plug & Play. Port RS232. Programmed siren output (for lunch, end of shift, break, etc. notifications).

Time and shift control with 8 custom attendance modes (Exit, Entrance, Break, Doctor, Smoking, etc.) along with 6 digit work codes (Production control). 50 Mensajes Cortos en pantalla. Indicaciones de voz para todas las operaciones. Display of each users name following a successful authentication.

ANVIZ AIM complete user management and access software included free of charge. ANVIZ's CrossChex professional level software is also available completely free of charge.

Housing made of ABS, valid for interior.

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Processor TI Stellaris® 32-Bit high speed
Algorithm BioNano V10
Optical fingerprint sensor AFOS300 encapsulated
Scan area 22 x 18 mm
Resolution 500 DPI
Identification time < 0.5 Sec.
Screen 128x64 LCD Blue
Capacity Up to 2000 fingerprints or cards
Records Up to 50000
Identification modes F, C, U+F, U+P, P+C, F+C
Proximity card EM RFID (125KHz)
PC communication TCP/IP, USB, USB Flash, RS232
Inputs No
Outputs Scheduled sirens
Free software ANVIZ AIM standard / ANVIZ AIM CrossChex
Power supply DC 5 V / 1.0 A (included)
Temp. operation
-10º C ~ +40º C
38 (D) x 200 (W) x 140 (H) mm
240 g

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  • Model nummer: ANVIZ
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